Transforming process

From the moment the huge blocks of raw material enter the factory until the moment the final product is packaged and prepared for shipment, our stones undergo several transformation processes until their ultimate shape is achieved.


    The slabs are also used for the elaboration of finished work. For this, they are moved to the easel next to the cutting centers.

    Robotic dollies load the slab to the cutting machines where they are photographed. The cutting operator consults the parts to be cut in the control panel library and makes the most profitable composition, taking into account possible defects that the sheet presents.

    Then, the machine, which works autonomously and by numerical control, makes the cut according to the programmed, whether straight lines, curves, perpendicular or inclined cuts.

    At the exit of the machines, the parts are removed with the support of vacuum manipulators and referenced in a permanent ink printer.

    The cutting of the sheet is carried out autonomously, through numerical control

    All parts are referenced on a permanent ink printer

    Polishing of Tops and Drilling of stones for placement on facades

    After being cut and depending on their use, the pieces may need some supplementary finishing, in order to guarantee the effective fulfillment of their function:

    • The tops of parts that are visible must be polished or honed,
    • Drip trays can be made on sills,
    • It may be necessary to drill holes in the tops for fixing the parts on ventilated facades,
    • It is often necessary to fix 2 or more stones together, which we do by mechanical fastened with stainless steel bushings and aluminum squares, or simply by gluing with epoxy resins.
    • Among many others…

    Visible tops are polished or honed

    Hole drilling in the tops, typically for ventilated facades

    Mechanical fastening between two or more parts

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