Good maintenance practices

Good maintenance practices

  • Do not allow fats or oils to come into contact with the stones;
  • Do not allow spills of products that can stain the stone, such as mustard, sauces, olive oil, tea, butter, alcoholic beverages, juices, coffee, vinegar, cosmetics, etc.;
  • Do not use rough or sharp objects when cleaning, which may scratch or attack the stone;
  • Do not allow prolonged contact with particles of dust or sand that may, through friction with other objects, cause scratches on the stone;
  • Avoid wearing shoes that are too hard or with metallic appliqués that could be aggressive to the floors;
  • Check that the wheels of appliances such as vacuum cleaners are free to move so that they do not scratch the stone.

Cleaning of ornamental stones:

  • The cleaning and maintenance of ornamental stone surfaces only involves periodic washing with clean drinking water. If you want to use a detergent, it must be neutral and diluted in clean water.
  • If you spill any harmful product on the stone, start by wiping it off immediately with a damp cloth, removing the spilled product as much as possible. Then wash only with clean water and a neutral multipurpose detergent.

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