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The process of cutting and preparing marble or granite pieces is inevitably associated with the production of waste, in the form of sludge, consisting of very small particles, which can cause several environmental problems.

An estimated 15 tons of these sludge are produced daily by the company, whose only destination is the landfill. Another major current problem is the use of Portland cement, whose process is responsible for the emission of large amounts of CO2.

Analysis, Tests and Results

To achieve this goal, various formulations will be created using residues resulting from our company's activity, and various alkaline solutions, with different characteristics. These formulations will be evaluated and subjected to mechanical tests to understand which ones best suit the application as a constructive element.

Durability and environmental tests on the created materials will also be carried out, ensuring their structural strength in the long term as well as a good environmental behavior after exposure to various conditions that simulate real environments.

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