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Granite Oxidation

The demand for granites with vivid colors has been growing in the ornamental stone market, with a preference for granites with high weathering, commonly known as yellow granites.

These granites are yellowish/brown in color, as a result of natural weathering/oxidation processes, as opposed to the healthier granites that have a light color.

Portugal has a great diversity of granites with this color (gray), making it relevant to create techniques that allow accelerating the natural weathering process.

The staining of granites from iron shot is possible when the samples are submitted to specific environmental conditions and in a certain period of time. When compared to previous methods, this process needs a longer period of time.

However, unlike the previous method, handling care is much lower and the reuse of the product in question becomes possible. From this process it is possible to obtain orange colors, homogeneous or forming patterns, on the surface to be colored.

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